Food & Water

What if one of our students has a food allergy?

We are fully accommodating to allergies and dietary requirements, and we ask you for a full student-by-student list of medical and dietary requirements before the trip, so that we are fully prepared to provide the best possible service.  We also work very closely with teachers and parents to ensure students bring any medication they may […]

How safe is the food?

All food is prepared in restaurants that the company has vetted prior to the trip. For camping trips, all vegetables and fruit are cleaned prior to being cooked and meats are kept refrigerated. During camping trips, staff setup a clean, dust-free cooking station. As per Chinese Food Administration Regulations, all restaurants have to provide food […]

What kind of food do we eat during our trips?

We are very proud of how incredibly diverse (and, of course, tasty) Chinese cuisine is, and we like to show it off. We offer food locals love, but ensure it always meets your school’s good food policies. The one guarantee we always make, is we recommend truly authentic meals. We prefer to avoid touristic buffet restaurants at […]

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