Do we need mosquito protection for the trip?

On many trips, we will certainly be spending time outdoors, participating in extensive outdoor activities, and sometimes in the village staying in accommodations without air conditioning/bed nets.  While the areas visited do not provide extreme risk, we carry mosquito repellent (DEET) with us.e also recommend that students bring their own too (a 100mg travel spray), so that […]

What happens if a student gets sick or injured?

All of our program leaders are first-aid certified. Based on our assessment, if we believe an illness or injury requires medication or a simple dressing, we will receive authorization from the head teacher before providing a treatment. If the student’s illness or injury is beyond our capacity, we will transport the student to the nearest […]

Do we need to receive any vaccinations before departure?

First and foremost, we recommend that all travellers listen to the advice of their local doctor, and that all recommended travel vaccines are fully considered before travel. For your convenience when speaking to a doctor, we recommend referring to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s page on China.   Many immunizations require at […]

How do you deal with participants with allergies?

All tour leaders are briefed prior to the trip about students with severe allergies. The company works closely with the school to assess if the student will bring the appropriate medication (EpiPen or pills).

What if one of our students has a food allergy?

We are fully accommodating to allergies and dietary requirements, and we ask you for a full student-by-student list of medical and dietary requirements before the trip, so that we are fully prepared to provide the best possible service.  We also work very closely with teachers and parents to ensure students bring any medication they may […]

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