When is the deadline for a deposit?

Your deposit is used to pay and confirm your major accommodation and transport bookings, which will be done at least 3 months before departure.

How long are price quotes valid?

As soon as you confirm your interest in booking, we will send you two documents: a “Service Agreement” (detailing all arrangements) and an “20% Deposit Invoice” at this time, the previous quote will be quickly recalculated based your most recent attendee numbers (if your number of students has changed/been confirmed) and the current exchange rate. As […]

Do chaperones pay the program fee?

We prefer to be completely transparent in regards to this. The truth is, sadly nothing is free, and if travel companies quote “Teachers Travel Free,” it means that they have simply added the teacher’s costs on top of the student price. This is perfectly fine of course (for most), but as mentioned, we prefer to be as […]

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