What is your Child Protection Policy?

Child Protection Policy Introduction As an organization which caters to educational institutions and works closely with children and young people, WildChina must ensure: The welfare of the child is paramount All Children, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious belief and/or sexual identity have the right to protection from abuse All suspicions and […]

Do you have insurance arrangements and policies in place?

As a fully licensed Travel Company, we legally maintain General Liability Insurance for all of our clients, and provide a copy in both English and Chinese at your request. All clients on WildChina trips are required to have personal travel insurance that includes international repatriation and medical cover. For programs that take place in remote locations (you […]

What happens if a student gets sick or injured?

All of our program leaders are first-aid certified. Based on our assessment, if we believe an illness or injury requires medication or a simple dressing, we will receive authorization from the head teacher before providing a treatment. If the student’s illness or injury is beyond our capacity, we will transport the student to the nearest […]

How safe is the food?

All food is prepared in restaurants that the company has vetted prior to the trip. For camping trips, all vegetables and fruit are cleaned prior to being cooked and meats are kept refrigerated. During camping trips, staff setup a clean, dust-free cooking station. As per Chinese Food Administration Regulations, all restaurants have to provide food […]

How does WildChina inform customers of the risks involved in their trips?

We inform schools of the risks involved in their desired trips during the planning stage. We always try to limit the risks to a minimum.  Although, in the case of challenging programs, outdoor activities, and trips taking place in remote regions, WildChina will always clearly state the level of difficulty and if a trip is […]

Are there any safety checks for the vehicles?

Safety checks are performed on vehicles prior to each trip. Drivers then check every morning for any issues with the vehicles. Staff check that all seatbelts function. The bus will not move until all students are seated and have fastened their seatbelts. Drivers take a break every 3-4 hours during long drives. The bus companies […]

What is the safety, security and fire precaution checklist for accommodation?

During our risk assessment, we thoroughly check the following in each hotel: – Controlled access to accommodation – Locks on doors – Do windows only partially open – Is there security at the lobby of the hotel – If in a remote area, can we lock or control gates to compound – Does the hotel/guesthouse […]

What emergency and evacuation plans are prepared?

WildChina has prepared emergency and evacuation plans for each region in which we run programs. They cover natural disasters, force majeures, political conflicts, medical emergencies. They are designed by WildChina managers and communicated to all staff. These emergency plans are available to you  upon request. All WildChina programs, in remote areas, include an emergency vehicle […]

What are your safety, risk and security procedures?

Prior to each trip, the Tour Leader must complete an in-depth risk assessment. On most occasions, the tour leader accompanies a school’s head teacher to review and explain all safety and security procedures. All risk assessments are recorded and saved in WildChina’s internal files. Near misses are recorded in the trip debrief after the completion […]

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