What portion of events, or staffing, is outsourced?

Only extreme sports or very technical outdoor activities (rock climbing, high/low ropes etc.) are outsourced to professional teams that are experts and trained to carry out these specific activities. All water-related activities are supervised by an outsourced lifeguard. All outsourced parties are thoroughly vetted by WildChina. These outsourced parties have to complete a rigorous assessment […]

What is your staff’s level of training?

Each member of our staff annually attends a variety of trainings such as First Aid training, Safeguarding, Customer Service and transportation logistics. Our key topic is safety of the group during the trip: dealing with external hazards; group transfers in busy venues (airports, train stations, crowded streets or tourist sites); safety in buses and public […]

What are your staff’s qualifications?

All our Local Guides are fully licensed and certified PRC tour guides, as required by Chinese regulations. They are our on-the-ground experts, not just in regards to their knowledge of the places and people we visit, but they are also masters of logistics and customer service. They are from the local regions itself, so they also bring an extra level of insight and insider tips […]

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