Do we get in-country plane tickets?

We indeed arrange all in-country/domestic plane and train transfers. As a fully-certified travel company here in China, we receive much better rates than available externally. We also specialise in such group bookings, so we are accustomed to arranging adjoining seats etc. for the whole party, which is certainly advisable when possible. We can also assist with international […]

What kind of vehicles does WildChina use?

All of our vehicles are safe, comfortable, cleaned daily, equipped with seat belts, and are driven by very experienced drivers. If the program is of a rural nature, we also have an emergency vehicle on standby at all times. Helicopter evacuation is also available in severe circumstances.

Are there any safety checks for the vehicles?

Safety checks are performed on vehicles prior to each trip. Drivers then check every morning for any issues with the vehicles. Staff check that all seatbelts function. The bus will not move until all students are seated and have fastened their seatbelts. Drivers take a break every 3-4 hours during long drives. The bus companies […]

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